Because anyone in love with nature seeks to enjoy it in its pure state, we offer you a set of outdoor experiences, where step by step you can enjoy the valleys and mountains that embellish this region.

  • 5 days
    Roteiro - Uma visita pelo distrito da Guarda - Destinos Guiados

    Guarda is the "gateway" to a district to discover, where the Historical Villages Routes, Frontier Castles, Jewry and Prehistory of the country intersect

  • 3 days
    Roteiro - Percorrendo os trilhos da Guarda - Destinos Guiados

    An historical-cultural-scenic route through the highest city of Portugal, walking along the "Water" and the "Green Giants" trails

  • 3 days
    Roteiro - Em pleno Vale do rio Mondego - Destinos Guiados

    Get away from the daily routine and discover a valley where nature, well-being and tranquility unite in a perfect symbiosis

  • 6 days
    Roteiro - A nossa sugestão - Destinos Guiados

    We suggest you unique experiences of great natural, gastronomic, cultural, historical and patrimonial wealth