3 days

In the heart of the Mondego river valley

This 3-day program will take you out of everyday routine and into a reality where nature, well-being and tranquility come together in perfect symbiosis. We invite you to a pause where the awakening of the senses is made every moment: the smells of nature, the sounds of animals and waterways, the wind breeze, the mountain palates and the sightseeing.

And because it is in the middle of the Mondego River Valley, where the hillsides cross, you will experience unique experiences that will remain in your memory; will hike along the pedestrian paths, will immerse yourself in the crystalline and fresh waters of the Mondego River (weather permitting and courage not to miss), cycling along the narrow paths of the valley, stroll through the local villages and taste a regional picnic, surrounded by local flora and fauna. And because rest is the reason for this program, we have for you a massage session that will help you release from stress and restore balance between body and mind

Observations: In case of groups (> 6 pax), the accommodation will be made in urban area and the mentioned activities will change


Daily breakfast
2 lunches - 1 dinner
Selected drinks
Tickets at places to visit
Activities mentioned
Hiking Trails
Massage (máx.3 pax)
Regional Pic - nic

Individual Tour – pax price

Since 300€

GroupTour – pax price

Since 205€


Children tilll 5 years - free
Children between 6 and 10 years - 50%

SUPPLEMENTS consult price and availability
Baby crib
Extra bed
Single room
Tour Guide

Digital roadmap – APP

When you purchase this program, Destinos Guiados has an offer for you. Download a free application on your mobile device (smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad) that will guide you in a simple and detailed way, every day. Here you will find the course and details of this program: what places to visit, how to reach them, what points of interest to observe, where to eat and stay.

Additional informations

Not include
  • Transport - neither airport transfer service nor car at the customer service, during the itinerary period. Possibility of this service, by adding price
  • Drinks witch are not included at restaurant selection (client has the right to choose alternative drinks that will be paid directly by imself, at the time of the meal)
  • Extra expenses at the Hotel/Place of accommodation
  • Entries and/or services that are not explicit in the program
  • Tourist taxes
  • Tourist guide (possibility by adding the price of the program)
  • Travel assistance insurance (possibility by adding the price of the program)
  • Supplements: baby crib, extra bed and single room (possibility by adding the price of the program)
General Conditions
  • This program adjusts to your preferred dates
  • CHANGES: Whenever there are other reasons that justify it, Destinos Guiados - Eventos & Turismo, Lda. May change the order of the routes, modify the hours of visit to the places or replace any of the places of accommodation and catering provided by other of similar category; such changes will be communicated to the customer as soon as possible. If there are unforeseen circumstances that require you to suspend any itineraries, customers will always be entitled to reimbursement of the amounts paid
  • REFUNDS: after the program has started, no reimbursement is due for services not used by the client. Although for reasons beyond the control of Destinos Guiados, the non-provision of services provided in the travel program gives the customer the right to be reimbursed for the difference between the price of the services provided and those of the services actually provided, if it is not possible substitution by other equivalents
  • CLAIMS: they can only be considered valid, provided they are submitted in writing and within a period of no more than 10 days after the end of the provision of services. They can only be accepted as long as they have been participated to the service suppliers (carriers, hotels, restaurants and other local agents partners of Destinos Guiados) during the course of the trip or stay, requiring them the respective documents proving the occurrence
  • When booking, the customer must pay 20% of the total price of the program.
  • The remaining 80% must be paid up to 7 days before the start date of the same.
  • If the reservation is made less than 7 days in advance, payment will be made in full upon confirmation of the availability of the service, by Destinos Guiados
  • More than 30 days: cancellation without penalty with the right to return the 20% made
  • Up to 7 days before start of program: 20% penalty
  • Less than 7 days: 100% penalty
  • Possibility of travel insurance by adding the price of the program (contact us)
  • Possibility of rent-a-car by adding the price of the program (contact us)
  • Possibility of transfer at the airports of Lisbon, Porto and Madrid by adding the price of the program (contact us)
Clothing and footwear
  • Should be comfortable and suited to a mountain town.
  • From November to March, clothing and footwear must be fit for wet and very cold weather.
  • In the remaining months of the year it is recommended to wear a sweater for the end of the day
Rules of the good walker
  • Make light meals along the way (sandwiches, fruit and chocolates);
  • Always carry liquids, preferably water;
  • Always follow the roads, paths and marked tracks, avoiding the "bush";
  • Try to keep the same cadence throughout the course;
  • Do not damage crops or harvest plants when crossing cultivated areas;
  • To respect the customs, traditions and assets of the populations when crossing the local towns;
  • Do not abandon waste along the way;
  • Do not make fire;
  • Respect the wildlife and the quiet of the places, avoiding shouting or speaking aloud;
  • Do not walk alone

Unique experiences that will stay in your memory...

1st day

Guarda: welcome reception in the highest city in Portugal Lodging in Rural Tourism Farm, located in the glacier valley of the Mondego River, in a place belonging to the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela, surrounded by the green of the landscape and surrounded by the freshness of the waters of the river.
Marvelous dinner in the richness of local gastronomy

2nd day

Walking or cycling along the rails that cross the beauty of the valley
Visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Carmo
Lunch: tasty picnic stuffed with traditional delicacies from the region
Relaxing massage that will give you balance, harmony and well-being.
Dinner stuffed of beiran kitchen flavors

3rd day

Stroll through the picturesque villages of the Mondego River Valley where you can enjoy the palette of colors that paint the landscape, cross with animal species in their natural habitats, know historic monuments that are marks of the past and witness the sympathy and genuineness of the people of this zone
Regional Lunch

After a tasty lunch and because (only) three days have known a little, it will take "in the bag" the invitation to return!

Quality & Comfort

Destinos Guiados is guided by values ​​of respect, honesty, trust and dedication, providing its customers with a service of excellence and comfort, while at the same time contributing actively to the socioeconomic development of the interior of Portugal, of the Guarda district. Due to its functional nature, Destinos Guiados is based on a network of partnerships with local reference agents that stand out for the provision of quality services and good service. It has multidisciplinary means that allow it to adjust to the client, to distinguish itself in the level of the convenience and to implement itself of competent form in the market of the national tourism, specifically of the Center Tourism of Portugal.


The safety and comfort of our customers is our priority, so we work with partners who guarantee a fleet of comfortable, modern and less polluting vehicles. Destinos Guiados may offer the rent-a-car and transfer service at Lisbon, Porto and Madrid airports by adding value to the program. Contact us!

Tour Guides

Our tour guides are friendly and talkative people who know how to welcome and are totally committed to making each itinerary a unique, enjoyable and rewarding experience. They are chosen for the knowledge that they have of this zone of the interior of Portugal and they are familiar and they share the taste for the local people, customs and people of this region. Contact us!


Destinos Guiados can provide a travel insurance by adding the value of the program. Contact us!

Digital roadmap – APP

When you purchase this program, Destinos Guiados has an offer for you. Download a free application on your mobile device (smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad) that will guide you in a simple and detailed way, every day. Here you will find the course and details of this program: what places to visit, how to reach them, what points of interest to observe, where to eat and stay.

  • 5 days

    In lands of Beira Interior, border region with Spain, know some of the most significant cities and towns of Portuguese Jewish history

  • 7 days

    A circuit by temples dedicated to Our Lady that witness the fervor of devotion and veneration to Mary, throughout the ages

  • 4 days

    In the central region of Portugal, discover the history and record customs and traditions of the Portuguese Jews!

  • 4 days
    Fátima - Ávila - Destinos Guiados

    A religious itinerary in search of sacred places that cross borders in the "geography of faith"

  • 2 days

    Come to discover the origins, know the ingredients and taste the flavors of some of the most original dishes of the Beira Interior region

  • 3 days

    Come to discover some of the main customs of the region of Beira Alta and marvel at the richness of such vast Gastronomic and Cultural Heritage

  • 6 days
    Judiaria - Destinos Guiados

    Discover some of the regions where the Jewish heritage has been preserved over the years

  • 6 days

    Discover what is most beautiful between the birthplace of the Portuguese nation - Guimarães - and the land where Pedro Álvares Cabral was born: the Portuguese explorer who discovered Brazil in 1500

  • 5 days
    Roteiro - Uma visita pelo distrito da Guarda - Destinos Guiados

    Guarda is the "gateway" to a district to discover, where the Historical Villages Routes, Frontier Castles, Jewry and Prehistory of the country intersect

  • 3 days
    Roteiro - Percorrendo os trilhos da Guarda - Destinos Guiados

    An historical-cultural-scenic route through the highest city of Portugal, walking along the "Water" and the "Green Giants" trails

  • 6 days
    Roteiro - Aldeias Históricas de Portugal -. Destinos Guiados

    Discover 8 of the 12 Historical Villages of Portugal and relive the history of this country…

  • 2 days
    Roteiro - Sabores Serranos - Destinos Guiados

    In a scenario of great natural, historical and cultural richness, enjoy a variety of unique palates with mountain flavors

  • 2 days
    Roteiro - Sabores do Bacalhau - Destinos Guiados

    In the highest city of Portugal, it will wait a diversified gastronomic experience where cod fish is king...

  • 6 days
    Roteiro - A nossa sugestão - Destinos Guiados

    We suggest you unique experiences of great natural, gastronomic, cultural, historical and patrimonial wealth

  • 3 days
    Roteiro - À descoberta da Guarda - Destinos Guiados

    Visit the highest city of Portugal at 1056 meters of altitude and discover the harmony between the marks of the past and the traces of the present